In 1987 The Yunusgücü hotel which is connected with Güçlü tourism corporation was opened.

In 1991 due to the increasing demands the capacity of The Yunusgücü hotel was increased to 68 rooms and it started to serve 12 months a year at this term.

In 1988 The Sunpark Hotel was opened with its 56 unit capacity with respected to the guaranteed contract with a tourism agent called Scandinavian Leisure Group.

In 1999 this hotel increased its capacity to 96 rooms in one year time and in the same year as a result of sense of quality The Sunpark Garden Hotel was elected the best garden hotel in the world according to the surveys of tourism agencies.

In 2000 while The Yunusgucu Hotel continuing to develop upon requests by the tourism agencies it was renamed The Sunpark Beach Hotel in 2000 and renovated with its 5 hotel rooms, 40 apart rooms; totally 45 units. Following that in order to give better service to its guests the land near by was bought and pool and general activity areas were widened.

In 2002 Sunpark Garden Hotel was elected the best garden hotel in the world for the second time.

In 2003 The Anex hotel was bought and incorporated into The Sunpark Beach Hotel which take the development and quality as principle and it was renovated with its 28 studio apart rooms thus The SUNPARK BEACH HOTELS’ capacity was increased to 73 units.

In 2003 by buying The Kaya hotel the capacity was increased to 85 apart and 21 hotel rooms which is totally 106 units and it was renamed The Sunpark Marine.

In 2004 The Sunpark Garden hotel which has never compromised on quality was awarded with “ THE BEST GARDEN HOTEL IN THE WORLD “ for the third time.

In 2007 The SUNPARK HOTELS were considered worthy to win the “ Three green leaves” award in an organization held by Thomas cook Tourism agency upon its success and application “ A Better environment in 50 steps” in its hotels.

In 2007 and 2008 seasons according to the tourism agency surveys The Sunpark Garden was elected “ the best Sun Garden Staff of the world” and awarded two consecutive years.

In 2008 and 2009 according to the tourism agency surveys it was awarded with both “ The best Sun Garden Hotels of the world and the best Environmental Sun Garden Hotel of the world in two consecutive years.

In 2010 due to the increasing demand The Kont Hotel was bought and 51 apart and 2 hotel rooms were renovated and joint the chain as its 4th part and renamed The Sunpark ocean. The Sunpark Garden hotel which was found worthy for a lot of awards pioneered a first in that year and won “ TRAVELFE GOLD” prize. Upon its being a first in Alanya it was praised by important institutions like Altid and TUROFED.

In 2011 The Sunprime Ocean Alanya Beach Suites& Spa entered the top 10 list among the 900 hotels that Thomas Cook Agency worked with.

In 2012 The Sunprime Alanya Beach Suites& Spa’s concept was changed into “The Sunprime Alanya” through a renovation and hotel capacity was increased to 122 Units.

In 2012 as a result of the success inconstant development and quality service 4 of our hotels were awarded with “ TRAVELLİFE GOLD” prize.

In 2012 The Sunprime Alanya Beach Hotel came the 3rd among the same concept hotels with a point of 4.62 in a list made by the travel agency. In the same year The SUNPARK BEACH Hotel which is one of the most important parts of the chain entered the list of top 20 hotels in the world of the travel agency and The Sunpark Garden with its 4.53 point and The Sunpark Marine Hotel with 4.61 point entered the first 40.

In 2013 The Sunpark Hotels which have a deep rooted history incorporated ÇİVİT Laundry, ÇİVİT Dry cleaning companies and The Aramis hotel to its structure as sister companies.

In 2014 The Sunpark Garden Hotel’ concept was renovated as The Sunconnet Sunpark Garden Hotel and succeeded to enter the top 3 list in the world in the Sunconnet Hotels. Again this year The Sunprime Alanya beach Hotel had great success by achieving to enter the top 3 Hotel list in the world in Sunprime Hotels.

In 2015 along with the agreement made with Thomas Cook Travel Agency, The Sunpark Aramis, The Sunpark beach, The Sunpark garden and the Sunpark Marine hotels continued to increase the service quality getting involved in “smartline” Concept.

Our hotels continue to serve you with quality service manners.


Saray mah. Atatürk Cad. 900. Sok. No:5
07400 Alanya-ANTALYA

tel: +90 242 212 02 99
fax: +90 242 512 88 11




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